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    1. 企業文化:關愛女性健康,提高醫生價值,快些快樂的工作!
      Disposable Vaginal antibacterial adsorber
      Disposable Vaginal antibacterial adsorber

      Antibacterial itching, regulate the vaginal environment, restore normal physiological conditions, eliminate odors. Since the product has a unique inhibitory mechanism that can effectively inhibit and kill and remove pathogenic vaginal bacteria, viruses and middle molecular toxicology, the use of continuation adsorption, blocking bacteria, viruses media that it can not survive, and thus played a anti-inflammatory , antibacterial, promote cell growth to accelerate tissue regeneration. 
      This product is the silver ions combine with biological materials, so do not use any anti-inflammatory drugs that played a bacteriostatic effect. While taking advantage of the smooth conduit to vaginal suppository core lesion, the most consistent with the clinical route of administration. And general suppository different, the most important feature of this product is no dissolving liquid contamination underwear, to vaginal infection in pregnant women has opened up a new world. This product is a set of treatment, prevention and care in one of the new generation of gynecological products. 
      The scope of application 
      Suitable for cervicitis, vaginitis treatment and gynecological bleeding after surgery, the patient can be safely used during pregnancy vaginitis.

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