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    1. 企業文化:關愛女性健康,提高醫生價值,快些快樂的工作!
      Investment means the only female health products with the requirements of
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      Only female health products, investment approach and requires investment approach :

      ( 1) a natural person ( individual ) identity or legal entity ( company ) to declare a specific hospital ways.

      ( 2) the identity of the natural or legal entity reporting agency and municipal regional market approach.

      1 . A natural person or legal entity to declare the specific requirements of a specific investment in hospital : A natural persons must provide a detailed declaration of personal information , including personal identification card , home address and specific contact . To legal entities are required to provide annual reporting valid business license , tax registration certificate , license , permit legal code , the non-statutory legal representative must provide a copy of ID card and a power of attorney agent . B. The applicant shall pay 15000-20000 yuan market changing products , default margin . C reported by people who have declared the first volume of a supplier , if delivery is greater than a corresponding increase in the deposit market development . Demand for cargo to be the second time three days in advance to provide the first piece of cargo flow statement , after verification by the company can supply a second time. D. The applicant shall provide the price of the product into the hospital , clinical maintenance situation . Without clinical maintenance, reporting must be carried out under the guidance of the company . The purchase price shall be reported to the company specific research areas , for the record , after the company agreed to the rear of the executable . E. hospitals are required to declare who developed the company declared the development plan , agreed by the Company and can be carried out after authorization. After approval F. companies, sales manager in order to develop plans to develop the hospital , authorization for a period of three months , if the hospital failed to develop within three months , the company is entitled to recover and re- adjust . G for more than six months to stop cargo hospitals, other people can declare re-development . H has developed sales of uninterrupted hospital , authorization for a period of one year after the expiration adjourned .

      2 to natural persons or legal entities reporting agency to carry out the specific requirements of the municipal area of investment in the market . In addition to the above (E, F) is not a requirement , other requirements have , we must also have the following two requirements: A declaration shall drafting detailed development plan , develop sales targets within a certain period , training programs, the company within a month send someone to the market for training , guidance, can be carried out after inspection. When B was completed declaration must declare formulated quarter , the corresponding monthly sales target , and on the basis of the completion of the development goals of the gradual increase in sales. If the amount can not be completed two consecutive quarters of agreement , the Company is entitled to re-adjust the market .

      Changzhou Spring Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.

      Refunded Notice

      1 in the company billing settlement , the cumulative billing in more than five pieces of cargo and have been back section of benign customers, from the initial date of invoice , after six months may apply for refund of deposit.

      2 billing company is not settled until after the termination of the business when the company no inventory verification of goods customers can apply for refund of deposit .

      Hereby provisions

      Changzhou Spring Medical Device Technology Co., March 9, 2014

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